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movie review: control

I’ll play film critic here and examine the movie “Control“, filmed in 2007, but looks and feels like a much older movie because of it’s late 70’s setting and it’s black and white filming.  In the span of about 2 hours, the movie examines the life of  Ian Curtis , lead singer of the band Joy Division.  As many musicians are, Curtis was deeply troubled and eventually turned to suicide, although only 23 years young.  He had been dealing with epilepsy, a hectic touring schedule, and a struggling marriage to top it off.  Ironically, Joy Division began to rapidly gain some traction after Curtis’ death, making his life somewhat Picasso-esque.  Overall, the movie had few flaws and was successful in it’s accurate portrayal of the Brittish rock and roll scene of the time (from what I know of it at least).  It even made references to some other great bands, such as David Bowie and the Buzzcocks.  Of course, there were also many Joy Division songs featured in the movie.  If you like Joy Division, this movie is a must see.  If you don’t like Joy Division, this movie is still a must see.