best tunes of ’08

Now bear with me and understand that while I try to listen to as much music as possible, there are countless cd’s that were released in 2008 that I’ve never heard/heard of.  So, if your absolute favorite is not on my list, don’t rip my head off.  After all, this is my list, not yours.  That being said, here goes:

1.  Born Ruffians: Red, Yellow & Blue

2.  Why?: Alopecia

3.  Foals: Antidotes

4.  The Walkmen: You & Me

5. She & Him: Volume One

6.  The Black Keys: Attack & Release

7.  The Dodos: Visitor

8.  No Age: Nouns

9.  Girl Talk: Feed the Animals

10.  Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes


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